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Smart savings with SmartDispense

Seventy-two million pints of water saved, 10,000 working days gained and 207 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent required to pour 43m pints) conserved – these are just some of the staggering savings that SmartDispense has accumulated in five years according to HEINEKEN UK.

Since its launch in 2013, SmartDispense technology has revolutionised the way draught cider and beer is stored and served in clubs, pubs and bars across the UK, after every part of the standard system was overhauled to create a ‘smarter dispense’. The unique cooling and insulation in the system from keg to tap keeps cider and beer below three degrees, keeping it cleaner for longer. This allows the SmartDispense Technicians to clean lines four-weekly, as opposed to weekly in standard systems, in turn saving time and water.

Clubs and pubs across the UK will now be able to shout about their green credentials with the launch of the Green Pint – a new in-outlet campaign that educates and inspires consumers to make conscious choices about the pints they drink. Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, with 65% of Brits saying they are trying to live more ethically than a year ago[1], and around half (48%) saying they are loyal to companies whose ethics align with their own, rising to 56% of under-25s[2].

With a focus on environmental credentials, the new campaign will give SmartDispense outlets a clear point of difference in consumers’ minds. The Green Pint is an educational awareness-driving campaign, which includes POS (beer mats and social media toolkit) as well as geo-targeted digital advertising. Written from the point of view of the licensee, the POS expresses how proud they are to serve environmentally friendly and quality pints.  

Phil Gray, SmartDispense sales director for HEINEKEN UK explains: “SmartDispense not only saves you time and effort, it also saves you water and energy. These savings, coupled with colder, more consistent and quality pints leads to happier and more loyal consumers, helping customers sell more pints. What’s more, consumers can be safe in the knowledge that not only are they enjoying a great drink, they are also helping to save the planet, one pint at a time”

In 2018, HEINEKEN launched The Greenpaper, its largest piece of category research ever undertaken which found that the desire to ‘Live Better’ is worth an incremental £58M over three years (by 2021) in the on trade as consumers look to lessen their impact on the environment.  SmartDispense and the launch of the Green Pint represents just one initiative enabling licensees to tap into this booming trend.

 The Green Pint POS will initially be available for modular SmartDispense customers. For more information on SmartDispense, and to talk to someone about installing, visit





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