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Amstel builds bridges

Amstel has launched a new TV commercial starring Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges as the lead role – a human bridge – encouraging people to come together and connect over a golden bier.

Entitled Bridges on Bridges, the advert features a gigantic Jeff Bridges literally becoming a human bridge, with his arms connecting both sides of the canal for the people of Amsterdam to come together.

Since Amstel was first brewed in 1870 by two friends who wanted to share a better bier, the brand has always stood for fostering friendships over a pint of bier. The latest ad is no different, encapsulating these brand values and demonstrating why life is more interesting and rewarding when we come together and strive to bridge those gaps that would otherwise keep us apart.

The new advert will form part of a £7million campaign running from May to August 2019 across TV, cinema, video on demand and digital channels, and is estimated to reach 83% of all adults (47 million) in the UK this year. The campaign will also be brought to life through a PR campaign centred around the role pubs play in bringing people together throughout the UK.  

Star of the ad, Jeff Bridges, comments: “Bridging differences, now that’s something we really need to do. I’d love this spot to encourage people to come together.”

Nic Casby, Brand Director at HEINEKEN, adds: “As a premium beer brand, we wanted to create an advert that got people talking whilst sharing our brand values and point of view. Amstel’s second TV advert, Bridges on Bridges, does just that, by illustrating the power of bridges to bring people together. When we thought about the most famous bridge who brings people together, there was only one bridge, Jeff Bridges.

Testament to its success, having gone from strength to strength over the past few years, Amstel is now the third fastest growing beer in the UK[1] – growing strongly at 17% YOY[2]. It has the highest rate of sale versus all other mainstream premium 4% beer brands[3], with the average pub selling on average £21,800 worth of Amstel over any given year[4]. What’s more, in London, Amstel is the number one premium draught lager brand[5]. Amstel has momentum nationally, growing +43% YOY in the Midlands, +13% in Yorkshire and +11% in Lancashire and Scotland[6]. As consumers look to trade up from classic lager to more premium beers, in line with premiumisation, Amstel delivers an extra 50p per pint through the tills[7] and is a must-stock for outlets.

Written by Matt Fitch and Mark Lewis from adam&eveDDB, directed by Tim Godsall and produced by Somesuch, Bridges on Bridges will air on 3rd May 2019 during Gogglebox at 21:00 on Channel 4.


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